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About Randy

Randy Vulakovich

A Proven Leader, a conservative you can count on.

A champion of the taxpayers and a leader who lives by example, State Sen. Randy Vulakovich has set new standards for honest, efficient government that delivers on its promises to our citizens. Randy is a former law enforcement officer who came to office promising not to take a pay raise, to reject the per-diems others use to pad their paycheck, and to reject the taxpayer-financed state car for the commute to Harrisburg.

He kept his word then, and he’ll keep it in the future.

Instead, Randy has delivered for Pennsylvanians. He fought for our veterans and our first responders. He called out waste and extravagance by state agencies. Randy worked for sweeping state pension reform and has worked to end the state’s Prohibition-era liquor monopoly.

Randy Vulakovich is one of us, and a voice for progress and reform.